Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We had a pretty good 4th of July!

Connor was sick, but he had front row seats.
So did Little Miss.
Joseph and his dad---two peas in a pod.
He wanted to smell like a smoke ball...or something.
They were excited.
Thank you Indian Reservation for the totally cool, and cheap fireworks.
Travis had lots of fun.
His mom came out and enjoyed the festivities. His dad was in bed because he had knee surgery 2 weeks ago.
The kids had a blast. Connor was sick, but couldn't resist sneaking out once in a while.
The girls.
Joseph is a little pyro man. He had the most fun with his dad. Yay fire! He wears these headphone things every year because he has such sensitive hearing.
Spencer didn't like the loud booming, but he had a lot of fun. He ate a TON that night. I've never seen him eat so much! Must have been good food.
See how pale Connor is? He ended up throwing up not long after this. He's much better now though.
Trying to show Elizbeth how to stomp on Pop-Its. (o: She was very brave until the loud ones came along. But, I think she had a lot of fun too, even though she's so small.

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