Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wii and Bowling with Diet Coke Cans

We caved and got the family a Wii. We got it at a good price. We have bonded over this stupid video game console. I'm loving the swordplay game. Travis enjoys bowling and sword play. We got Joseph and Spencer used copies of Monster Jam Urban Assault and Sim City Creator...those are their faves. Connor is a bowling maniac. Everyone gets a turn and we all have a blast cheering each other on.

Like I said, Connor is a bowling maniac now. So, tonight he got a bunch of empty Diet Coke cans out of our recycle box and lined them up and then went "bowling" for about an hour. He had Joseph playing with him and Elizabeth cheering him on. It was cute. They even convinced their dad to give it a shot.

Travis found out he has a hernia...belly button kind. He is scheduled for surgery on October 29th. He will be in at 9am and should be home by evening. Home from work for a week. He said he can use that time to work on homework. He's taking 4 classes right now and boy are they a lot of work! I hope that this surgery will relieve some of the pain he has had lately. Poor guy.

That's all I can write cause I'm simply pooped. Elizabeth has yet figured out the sleep is an important thing for all humans to do. She's 20 months old and only naps a few days a week. Then, at night she wakes up at least 3 times. I'm thinking we should get rid of the crib. She might sleep better in a little bed where she doesn't feel so trapped, cause she almost always ends up sleeping on our bedroom floor or the living room floor (with me on the couch to spare Travis the noise). Adios for now!

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