Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stars and bugs and a Zoo to boot!

Yesterday we took the kids to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. We also took Travis's mom. We got to see lots of super cool fish and some neato animals too. We had a great time. We walked and walked for over 3 hours. Elizabeth was determined to walk the entire time...and she almost made it. She crashed at the Red Fox house at the very end.

After the Zoo we took Mom N. home. Connor found a roly poly pill bug while there and brought it home. It has it's own container of dirt (it's house). Today he rolled the thing around in a Matchbox convertible car, "flew" it in a toy plane and then sat it on his hand so it could 'see' the movie that they watched together. He calls it Mr. Pillbuggy. Connor is such a cute little character. He has so much life!

Lastly...last night when we came home, Spencer looked out at the stars (cause it was late!) and said, "Look at all the stars. The stars are the Sun's little children." He was so serious...My heart grew three sizes at that moment. (o: He's such a sweet and perceptive little boy.

So...I'm gonna download a bunch of pictures and so you can see Mr. Pillbuggy and also a sampling from the zoo.

Here is Mr. Pillbuggy watching Tom and Jerry help Sherlock Holmes solve a mystery.

Look! It's Mr. Pillbuggy!
Travis and his mom at the zoo. She looks so good! Travee's always cute!
Lizbet and the mama tiger had a little chat. I love this picture!!!
Aren't we just the cutest little family? (o;
She was meowing at the monkey. It was pretty cute! He was pointed back at her.
Touching the sea life.
Cutest boys ever!

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