Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First day of (home)School

Today we started school. It was fun! I had them dress in their new shirts and comb their hair...this will be about the only time this year that they do this....then we took some pictures.
We talked about paragraphs and did some Saxon math. Then we discussed recycling and the new recycle container that we have at our apartments now. Connor practice writing his letters and we are going to read together tonight. We set some general rules and made a goal to earn 100 rocks by October so that we can go to the Zoo/Aquarium. It was a good day!
Joseph. I guess he's supposed to be in 4th grade. He's doing work all over the place. Some 5th grade, some 4th grade and even some 3rd grade stuff. I really don't like the grade level thing...he is where he is and that's what matters.
Spencer. He's 3rd grade.
Connor is doing Kindergarten work this year!
And Elizabeth had a great time making a HUGE mess while I taught the boys!

Some of the things we discussed that can be recycled.

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mrs. olson said...

That's so fun. They look so handsome!