Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Joseph's Birthday (and mine)

Friday was my 36th birthday. Zoiks! Travis's parents took us all out for breakfast at Denny's (they give a free Grand Slam to birthday people). Then we came to our home and had icecream cake and Deone took me to the store and bought me a new purse. It was a lovely day.
NOW....on to the really important birthday! (o: Joseph turned 10 yesterday!!!!! 10!!!!
First, may I mention, that Travis had to go have a tooth pulled first thing in the morning. He got happy pills and went through Joseph's birthday in a fog, but pain free. (o:
Here is Joseph on the way to Grandmas house in this picture. I made him hold the cake cause I had to hold the pizzas.
Per his request...Papa Murphy's! Mmmmmmmmm
Condor being cute. Look close...pizza sauce face!
Grandma Teese got him a big Medusa!!! Sweet!
90% of the toys that he got were legos. I love watching him create. Nothing better than watching your child follow instructions and create something cool...or use their imagination and create something even cooler!
He worked an hour on it, but put together his gas tanker truck all by himself. He was so proud!
Lizbet has NOT been sleeping for the past...oh, I guess her entire life...but it's been worse this past week (yes...my brain is mush from lack of sleep). Apparently, it all caught up with her yesterday because she spent almost the entire party time at Grandma's looking just like this! (noice in the picture above this one...she's passed out behind Joseph)
I gave Connor and Spencer little party bags with playdough and stuff in them so they would have something to play with while Joseph assembled his lego things. Worked out nicely. (Peppo needs a haircut!)
Notice his awesome plates and cups!
Joseph said it was the best day of his life. I'm glad he had a good day. I'm not glad that my baby boy is already 10 years old!!! Where did the time go?

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