Friday, September 24, 2010

Just a Recap

Busy, busy, busy. In the last 10 days we celebrated Travis's birthday, have had school every day except weekends, babysat Jake once (cause it was a teacher work day and he had no school), served 2 people their court papers (we do process serves for our friends husband-he's a lawyer...and they pay us), moved Joseph out of the boys bedroom and into Lizbet's room (cause he needs alone time and she doesn't believe in sleep so it's like he has his own room), helped Travis get ready to start school on Monday, gathered the seeds that weren't used at our assigned 5 Home Depots and packaged them up to send back to the Stover company (this is a merchandising job that Travis did over the summer) and went to the Fair! Elizabeth is still more work than all three of her brothers combined, and the boys are going through a teasing phase that makes it very loud in our house.

BUT...we all love each other and are pretty much in good health (lingering colds are almost gone and Elizabeth has 2 teeth ready to break through) say...we are great! Hope you are all having a great week and have a fabulous weekend!


mrs. olson said...

Glad you're doing well!!

Anonymous said...

Such a busy family! What is Travis going to school for?


Dawn said...

Sage...he got his Associates Degree many years ago, and we were headed out to college when his sister got sick. He put off school to take care of her until she died and then we took care of his dad then had kids and it all just kind of took a back seat. But, he really needs to get his Bachelors and more if he wants to have his own store one day so we are biting the bullet and he's going to go to Eastern Oregon Univ. online. (o: He told the kids that while they are doing school, he'll be doing school right next to them. (but luckily I'm not having to teach him!) Although, he has to take a theater class and read 12 I'll probably get in on that. (o:

Poon Family said...

Victoria has started teasing Brayden too. Definitely more loud!