Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meet William...

This week I have been incredibly sick. High fever, complete achy body, and swollen tonsils and glands. Travis was wonderful and took all the kids for a 2 hour drive so that I could sleep. Then he took the boys over to his parents. Then, the next day he came home from work and took the boys straight over to his folks again. He is one super duper husband! I went to the doctor and tested positive for strep, so I am taking drugs and slowly getting better.

One of the nights that they were over to his folks, Travis called me and made a request. He said that Spencer was totally breaking his heart. He couldn't stand watching his son go over to Burt's grave, talk to 'Burt' and then start to cry. So, he asked if we could find a way to buy another guinea pig. Of course I said he took the kids and they chose William! Here are some pictures of our newest addition. (by the way...William is Spencer's middle name...Joseph thought that would be a good name and Spencer agreed)
All the whorls like Burt had.
He was in focus til I snapped the picture...and he started walking toward the camera and made it all fuzzy. (o: Isn't he cute?
He is so soft and fuzzy.

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Shauna said...

He's darling! Welcome to the family, William!