Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ahhhhhh!!!!!! (and Dad was right!)

So, last night, Travis calls me to tell me that we are not moving in 11 days, but we are moving in 6 days! Hello? Zoiks! I spent all day yesterday just cleaning and packing the smallest bedroom! How the heck am I gonna do that to the rest of the place in 6 days? Well, today it is now 5 days.

*sigh*Now I am now going to have to admit something that I reallllly hate admitting, even though anyone who knows me even a little knows the sad truth...I. Am. A. PACK RAT! Yep. And the worst part of it...I married one too. And we bred 4 little ones. My dad told me...out of love you know...that I am a pack rat and that when we move, maybe I should try to overcome that little habit and teach the rest of the family my secrets. He's right. It's true. I've always been the one that absolutely hates to throw anything away. I think some of it is the teacher in me. It's not a toilet paper's a puppet...or a chew toy for the guinea pigs!'s taking me for-ever to clean out and pack this place up. Part of that reason is cause I'm tossing! I'm tossing out things that normally I would think I needed (like the box of old Christmas cards that, about 10 years ago, I thought I should keep cause I might like to cut them up and use them in scrap booking or something...) Hello...haven't scrap booked anything for years! Gone! I feel cleansed!

Okay...break's over. Gotta get back to the grind. I am exorcising my demons. This house is clear...well...almost.'s after midnight! Only 4 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!

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