Monday, June 6, 2011

We Are Here!!!!

****lots of pictures in this one!!!*****

We made it! It was an insane couple of days trying to move out. A huge thank you to Travis's mom. She totally rocked cleaning the kitchen and helped pack. And Travis...he was super duper awesome driving that gigantic 26' truck (and towing the gray Escort!) Is it silly to be proud of him for driving that thing? He was awesome! Anyway, we ended up not meeting the closing time at the property managers place, so we spent a night in a hotel in Sequim. We had nothing but the clothes on our backs and we were grateful! We were so exhausted. The kids loved the hotel! The next day we picked up the keys and moved in. Thanks to a couple of the men from our new ward (at church), the unload was very quick. it's been unpack and unpack. We love the cute little quirky house we have! (we Nelson's are cute and a little quirky so it is a perfect fit!) It's actually much much bigger than we had thought. When we came to look at it, I think we were so appalled by the yard, plus not having any furniture in it...we thought they were crazy saying it was almost 1,800 sq ft...we couldn't see it... But, now that we have our stuff in it...they were right and we were wrong...happily!

The area is more gorgeous than anyone could possibly imagine. We have not found a single thing that we dislike about this place. (well...Travis REALLY hates all the crab grass in the yard, but he's declared war and I know he will have it looking wonderful some day soon!) Our house has a forest around 50% of it. We sit in our yard and listen to all of the birds and little squirrels. But on calm days...we can also hear the seagulls and the ocean that are just two streets down. We see deer in the yard a lot! They are everywhere. Plus the mountains! Oh, the mountains take our breath away every time we see them...which is every time we drive to anywhere. *sigh* I am so grateful to Travis for working so hard to get this promotion and bring us to this wonderful place. It is truly a slice of paradise! I am so proud of him and I love him for all he's done for us. He's brought us to the perfect place. ( traffic and the nicest people you will ever meet!)

Anyway...I'm going to try to post a few pictures of the move and the area. The internet is slow and the cell coverage is pretty much non-existent, but totally worth it!
Here are the kids at the hotel. We were so happy to get there. Travis ran to the store and got lunchables. We ate and then all passed out for about 10 hours.
It was kind of dark, but here is a picture of the house.
Here's our back yard. Love the big deck. Connor and Elizabeth spend practically every waking moment out there.
I'm telling you...nicest people ever. Our new neighbors across the street came by with a plate of cookies and this loaf of yummy homemade bread the day we moved in! Awesome!

Travis has been working hard trying to get the yard decent. It's been neglected for a long time. The kids have loved helping him.

Travis got a four day weekend this week, so we decided to pause on all the unpacking and have some fun. They washed the cars together. That was a special treat for them.
Then we went to the Old Railroad Bridge trail in Sequim. Mommy and Little Miss.

It was so gorgeous there! The bridge is now for foot traffic and bikes. That is the Dungeness river behind them. Cold and clear.

This makes me smile! She was throwing rocks. Daddy had to hold her so she wouldn't jump in to the river!

One half of the living room is unpacked enough that Travis and the boys were able to play Wii. We love all the space that we now have!

This is the view that we see when we drive to...well, anywhere! We were heading to Walmart at the time I took this one I think. *happy sigh*

Yesterday after church, our washer and dryer were delivered. Here are a couple of pictures of our cute and quirky little laundry room and the new machines. (that have been working around the clock since they were plugged in!)

The 2nd potty. I love having more than one toilet in the house. It was a must when we were searching. I also love the lime green sink!

And here are the washer and dryer! Poor little buggers are really squished in there, but they work and that's all I really care about! Yay for clean clothes!!!

The Sears guys left this bit of stretchy pipe thingy behind, so Elizabeth made friends with it. She carried it all over the place for quite a while. She is just super cute.

Okay...last picture for now because I have a million things to do and it's taking forever to download these pictures. This picture makes me smile. I was doing dishes and looked out my kitchen window and this is what I saw. Little children happy and having fun. Isn't that what life is all about??

More pictures will come soon. (o:


Heather Whitehead said...

Glad you guys got all moved and made it to your new place safe. It looks beautiful there we will all have to come for a visit sometime!
How far from Seattle are you guys? Love all your pics your kids are getting so big glad we can all keep in touch on blogs and facebook:)

Trudy G. said...

Looks like a wonderful place to be. I can imagine how fun it must be for the kids to have the yard and all that space. The kids are all getting so big.