Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas 2011

I haven't had access to the actual computer in..forever! I use my phone for most everything these days. But...I can't update my blog using my phone. So...I'm playing catch up today. I will start with Christmas 2011.
Santa came. Please not the lack of ornaments and garland on the lower half of the tree. Elizabeth stole many, many ornaments.
Christmas Eve we did lots of baking so we would have yummies for Christmas day and also leave plenty for Santa. Gingerbread cookies and Satchetortes for Santa, and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Mmmmm
Christmas morning. Santa left the special, individual gifts on each blanket that the kids laid out. These blankets were gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Nelson. They opened them on Christmas Eve so that they could lay them out.
Joseph was the most excited of any of the kids.
Elizabeth wasn't sure what to think at first.
Spencer first had to check out what he got in his stocking...
Connor got the inner guts to a toilet from Santa! Sweeeet! (yes, I'm serious)
Joseph got, I believe, 9 different Cars 2 cars.
Elizabeth loved helping Daddy open his gifts.
Tinkerbell makeup kit!!!!!
Spencer got an Atari Playback 3. Talk about bringing back memories!

We have a billion pictures, but these are a good enough sample of the morning. They are very grateful for all the wonderful things they got. As usual, they were spoiled by their grandparents. The kids really made the holidays special this year. They had such a great enthusiasm for every tradition!

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