Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One Tiny Step

I'm finding that my life goes considerably better if I take things one tiny step at a time. As soon as I begin to think of all that needs to be done...I freeze and get nothing done. (I'm sure I have described most everyone on the planet) And nights...ugh! Dad was right...Satan's best time really is night...when I'm laying in bed...thinking...and thinking...and thinking...(can we say...Thank you Melatonin!)

Anyway...I'm not a real go-getter. I have always been the one that was told I was kinda lazy or didn't apply myself. Truthfully...I just would rather daydream or read a good book than do most anything...but...that isn't what a mommy can do. I started eating my bite at a time. I went through all of the homeschool junk that was piling up on and around the table and got it all sorted and the table area is now all pretty again. The thing that makes me so sad...the kids were thrilled with the cleaned off table and immediately all sat together and did their own things side by side. Why does this make me sad? Cause I didn't get my behind in gear and do it earlier. How on earth did my parents raise such a pack rat? I understand why all of our kids are that way...cause both of their parents are...but seriously? My parents are both sooo super clean! What the heck? I'm figuring that Heavenly Father has his own ideas of how to use me and what I should be...I guess I'll keep trying to figure that out and keep on keeping on.

Here is a picture of the kids doing their activities. Connor was coloring, Elizabeth was using my tablet, Spencer was watching "Arthur" the cartoon on his Nintendo 3ds, and Joseph was watching a documentary about monster trucks on his 3ds. It was so peaceful...I did dishes.

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