Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Holy smokes...January is already almost over! I'd like to say we have been extremely busy, but we haven't really. Just normal busy. Elizabeth got sick yet again. This time she never stopped eating, though.  She missed her first birthday party invite and two weeks of church. She seems to be improving today...here's to hoping that she gets better quickly.

Here are a few things that we have been doing this month so far...
It's been cold...like 30degrees...which isn't really all that cold to most people we know. This is Elizabeth dressed to play in the hail. She lasted about 5 minutes and the hail lasted about 10. 
We went down to Silverdale on one of Travis's days off. We had a Target gift card and a Subway gift card and a JCPenney's gift card, so we went to Target, the mall, and Subway. All were a very special treat!
I've started doing more formal preschool work with Elizabeth now that she is almost 4. (4!!) She loves it! 
Spencer and Elizabeth and I spent the day together, just the three of us. We went book and dolly shopping, ate corndogs at Walmart and in the evening, we went to Ihop. It was a wonderful day to be together and do some bonding. And while we were doing this...... 
Travis, Joseph and Connor were at Monster Jam in Tacoma! We got them tickets as a Christmas present. (Spencer would much rather go book shopping with me than go to Monster Jam) Joseph got to live a life long dream of attending a Pit Party and see Grave Digger up close and personal. They got to meet Charlie Pauken and got his autograph. It was an awesome day for them. (they took over a thousand pictures, and maybe some day I will get onto the computer and post them...but his is good enough for now)
I'm sure we have done more than this, but I'm drawing a blank. Lame, I know. Plus, I'm in a rush....gotta take Joseph to Young Men's. They are spending the next three weeks getting ready for the Klondike Derby over-nighter. So far we've bought him a mummy sleeping bag and a pad, a compass and a new flashlight. The list is way longer...but it's a good start!
Until next time....(or more likely...until Lizbet's birthday!)

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