Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'm A Scrooge!

I admit it...this year I am a total Scrooge...or Grinch...whatever you want to call me...go ahead. I had classes and finals until the 14th. If I had planned better would that have mattered? Absolutely...but I'm a flake most of the time these days, so I got myself nice and overwhelmed. Now, Christmas is in less than a week, we don't have any lights in our windows yet, no nativity scene or other neato d├ęcor around the house, and I have no desire to get it all done. We do have a's a lovely tree. We drove over to Swain's General Store in downtown PA, paid $20 and took the first tree we saw...all still wrapped up in it's strings. We brought it home and had a Griswold family Christmas tree  unveiling. Luckily it wasn't too full, but was full of sap.

In the Scroogey spirit that I have, I admit that I have barely remembered to move Jingle Mouse around the house...and I definitely have forgotten to take pictures, but he hasn't been too exciting...Thank goodness Elizabeth is little enough to be excited just because he moves each night. He did bring them each $5 with instructions to go to Dollartree and buy a gift for each family member. They thought this was pretty cool. We all went together and each child did a great job choosing things for each other,  then they each did their own wrapping. It's pretty exciting to see all the presents under the tree...even if they are from Dollartree.

We did some baking on Monday. I was pretty excited to bake this year, especially after our oven died and we had to wait a week to get it fixed. (funny how when it's working fine, I had nothing to dies and suddenly I HAVE to bake those 10 dozen cookies!) We took a bunch to Walgreen's and to our neighbors and friends.

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