Saturday, August 4, 2007

An Eclectic Week

Nothing super fantastic has happened this week for us. We went over to Travis's parents house to have lunch and check on his Mom. She had surgery on her knee a week ago. We've been going over and fixing food for them and trying to help out if we can. The boys also completely enjoy playing in the dirt and running through the sprinkler while there.

Last night Joseph and Spencer requested that they get to do something special with their dad before he had to go to work today. (Travis is closing this weekend) So, this morning, we all loaded up in the car and did our Seattle drive. We didn't get out of the car because of time constraints, but they really love driving to the city and looking at all the buildings and street signs. It was a nice drive and I would have given anything to have had my camera out when we were up on Broadway (the rainbow pride street) and saw a van painted to look EXACTLY like Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine! It was so awesome! Kids didn't really get it, but Travis and I loved it.

I took the boys over to Fred Meyer this afternoon and they helped me pick out some fresh fruits and veggies. I love summer because it's all so yummy and cheap! We got some really beautiful corn on the cob that we will be having for dinner tomorrow after church. The kids got a free cookie from the bakery and were really pretty well behaved.

Travis and I have been asked to speak in church on August 19th. We were asked last month and have really had a lot of time to prepare. We both are already feeling very good about our topics and both have an abundance of information and are going to be spending the next two weeks paring them down to 12(mine) and 15(his) minutes. The topics are Gratitude for the Atonement(mine) and Gratitude for those who came before us ie. pioneers and for their sacrifices etc. (his)

Oh, and lastly-can you believe that on August 16th it will be our 13th wedding anniversary? Crazy how time flies-yet it feels like we've always been together our whole lives.

Okay-enough babbling. I have cauliflower to go cut up. Have a super day!

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Shauna said...

13 years! Congratulations! That's awesome. Time flies, doesn't it? Good luck with your church talks. I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job.