Monday, July 30, 2007

Doing Something Right!

The other night Travis and I went to bed earlier than we normally do. Pretty much right after we put the kids to bed. Some days you just gotta get some sleep! I thought I heard a sound out in the living room, but it wasn't anything I felt needed investigating. Well, yesterday in church, Travis and I substitute taught Joseph's Primary class. We were talking about choosing the right and doing good things and Joseph tells us a little story. He said...

"After mommy and daddy went to bed, Spencer got sad because he couldn't find his Care Bear. (Bedtime Bear) I climbed out of my bed (he's in the top bunk) and looked a little bit for the bear for Spencer. Then I said a prayer by Spencer and asked Heavenly Father to help us find his Care Bear and to help Spencer to have good dreams and not be scared if he had to sleep by himself. Then I sneaked out of our room and looked outside on the deck to see if it was there. It wasn't. It was really dark in the living room, but the light on the stove made a blue light that helped me see. I couldn't find his care bear, so I went to bed. In the morning, Spencer said he didn't have any bad dreams and his care bear was in his bed!" (the bear was in his bed the whole time-I had given it to him earlier-it just got twisted in a blanket)

First of all, it is a tad scary that he got out of bed and wandered in the dark and we didn't have a clue, but it is a very good feeling that 1. he cares enough about his brother's well being enough to get out of bed and look for the toy. and 2. he thought to say a prayer and ask for Spencer to be comforted.

These children are the messiest, naughtiest boys I know some times, but times like that remind us that they are also sweet and loving and we are proud to be their parents!

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