Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter and My Little Motivators

Saturday morning at 7am Fred Meyer opened. My dear and wonderful husband was there, purchasing the final installment in the Harry Potter series. I have read and read and read. All I can say is that there is no better way to end such a spectacular series. End of comment!

This afternoon I decided to walk on the treadmill while I re-read parts of my Harry Potter book. (note book in picture) (I read so fast yesterday that I needed to go back to some parts) When I get done with the walking, the boys always want a turn walking. Today was no different so I let them have a go. Watching them be so excited to walk on this silly treadmill made me think about how sometimes it's such drudgery to me and I needed to change my attitude. These kids love to walk and be active. Why can't I be that way too? So, I took pictures of them, printed them and hung them on my wall. I want to be like them. Excited to do something that will only improve my health and make me feel better. I guess this is just another reason we've been instructed to be as little children! Pictures are below.

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Shauna said...

Oooooooo! I'm so glad that you are a Harry Potter fan! I loved the book. It was insanely long to undertake in one reading, but I was happy for all the details. I agree that she could totally start a new series from her epilogue, but I somehow doubt that she will. She keeps saying that lightening only strikes once and she knows that she'll never create another "Harry Potter" phenomenon. It really did end so well. I was FREAKING out towards the end, though, I tell you what! We'll have to talk about it more when most every normal person has had a chance to read the book and find out the ending for themselves.

I also love your thoughts on exercise. Kids are so smart, aren't they? Take care and enjoy your summer.