Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Backyard Wildlife

Yesterday we went to a presentation at the library called "Backyard Wildlife". It was very well done. There was a gal there from the States Wildlife Organization. She brought skins/furs from a bunch of different animals from our region and the kids got to touch them all. The picture below is Joseph holding the bobcat fur. They got to touch a skunk, beaver, racoon, black bear, coyote, and even a gigantic cougar-which there are a lot of up in this area. I took Connor because Travis had to work, but it was supposed to be ages 5 and up. He didn't make a birdfeeder, but he touched the furs and was very well behaved. The boys really enjoyed it and it was free! Hooray for the Public Library!!!
Some of the other animals she brought.
Here they are all making little birdfeeders with bread, egg whites, and bird seed.Here is the finished product.

They served a snack of cold Juicy Juice boxes and goldfish crackers at the end.

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