Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sneaky Mommy and Lemonade

Today I was a sneaky mom! The boys, as I have said in previous posts, don't do well in the heat. I have been very concerned that they get fluids into their bodies. (besides pink milk) They love lemonade so today I helped Joseph set up a lemonade stand in the living room. We made "kid dollars" and banana muffins and then Joseph sold his lemonade and muffins to his brothers. They have been drinking lemonade (and going to the bathroom) all afternoon. I am very happy because they are getting their fluids in and having a lot of fun playing together. (a big thanks to Uncle David and Aunt Stephanie for sending the Light Country Time~the boys aren't too fond of my Crystal Light) Below are a couple pictures of Joseph and his stand. Oh, and Joseph did all of the writing on the sign.

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