Monday, July 16, 2007

Just checking in

Just stopping by to say hello. We have been busy helping Travis get ready for his interviews this Wednesday. Travis and I were asked to speak next month, so we've started our research on that, plus, it's just been hot here and so we have been doing all we can to just stay cool. We went for a drive to the beach in Seattle, we played in Grandmas yard, went to church...that kind of stuff.

We will keep you all posted on the outcome of Wednesdays interviews, but it looks promising. Travis has a new boss named Kelly. He is really nice and Travis already likes him. He's a hard worker so far and has a lot of great ideas that will help the store. Plus, he's supportive of his team and wants to see them succeed. Yahoo for new bosses!

The boys are healthy and happy. Connor now believes that throwing metal cars at peoples heads is great fun, so we've been working on teaching him that's not okay, but he's two and reasoning isn't his strong suit.

We hope you all have a super fabulous week and we'll be back to post all our happy news (positive thinking!!!) Thursday.


Jason said...

Sooo.. I was looking through the missionary alumni and found this page! Now we are officially blogging as well! I will post some pictures asap...

So glad to see that all is good! Your kids are cute as!

We need to catch up...Say hi to Trav for me! Talk to you soon!

Stephanie Anderson said...

that makes me laugh that Connor is throwing cars. It is just funny what kids think is fun!