Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jennings Memorial Park

Yesterday Travis had to go to a training meeting up at the Marysville Kohl's. It's about an hour drive from here. The meeting was only supposed to go 4 hours so we decided it would be fun if the boys and I tagged along. I got on the computer and found an incredible park called Jennings Memorial Park/Jennings Nature Park. It's 51 acres of pure fun! The nature park was something we didn't have time to do. There are trails to hike around, but we didn't get the chance. We did partake of the Memorial park. It was awesome! In Seattle it was really warm, but when we got up there it was cloudy and cool, so we had to break out the jackets. I took lots of pictures and am including them below. The kids were exhausted when we got home. We ended up only staying 3 hours because Travis had been misinformed about the times so we left an hour earlier than we thought. Poor Travis, sitting in a meeting while we were out having fun! Oh, and we had a picnic there too. One exciting thing about Daddy being at Kohl's was we got to explore a new Kohl's. It looks just like ours at home except that it is all on one level where as ours has an upstairs. The kids loved that too!

This is the main climber toy that they had. Off to the right was a huge red barn that had bathrooms and a kind of gym type place that they were doing summer kid camp stuff in. To the left was a barn and yard for the free petting zoo. (It was closed yesterday)
This is the train that was by the big climber toy. Notice in the background the red petting zoo barn and the old house was an old home from 1885 that you can visit on the weekends and see how people lived in the 1800's. (We peeked in the windows. )
This is the petting zoo area. There were calves, little pigs, and goats running around. The boys had fun just watching them.

This is one of the bridges. This led to the dinosaur playground. It was just past the little fishing pond. Connor was scared to death because he could see down through the slats. Spencer took good care of him.
This is by the WSU gardens. It was a fun little climber toy, but just not as good as the big one!
This was at the little Dino Park. We had to cross the big bridge and hike up a steep hill to get to it, but it had a beautiful view.
This purple dino scared them all. I told Joseph to ride it and he said the dinosaur looked like he didn't like kids sitting on him.

The Stegosaurus was their favorite.
There is a lovely spot there that we spent quite a bit of time walking through. It's a big garden area taken care of by WSU (Washington State University). There are several garden spots, each done differently. There was a scented plot where everything smelled wonderful (like lavendar), there was a Chinese garden, a butterfly garden... I should have taken notes on all the different types they had.

These bunnies were hanging out in one of the gardens. They let us get pretty darn close before they ran away.
This was in my favorite garden. The English Cottage garden. They had so many lovely flowers-lots of purple!
Hanging out in the gardens.
And here we are picnicing. There were several picnic areas, but they wanted to sit on the grass beside our car. If you look closely, you will see Joseph wiggling his tooth. It fell out shortly after this picture was taken.

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Shauna said...

How FUN! You guys find the funnest outings! My Spencer would LOVE the dinosaur park. I'm jealous that you had to take jackets. We went to the zoo today and only made it a couple of hours before everyone was hot and cranky and ready to head home. Oh, well. Keep enjoying your summer!