Friday, January 11, 2008


Who is your hero? Your mom or dad? Your spouse? Your sister-in-law that faced death with courage? Your dear friend whose son beat cancer? Your kids? All of these people are my heroes. All for different reasons.

I have two heroes in my life that are also heroes to this country. My two little brothers. Well, they aren't really little anymore. Both daddies and husbands now. But I'll always be their proud big sister! Nate is a deputy for the Cobb County Sheriff's Department near Atlanta. He's also on the SWAT team. I'm so proud of him! He puts his life on the line every day so that the people of Atlanta (including our parents) are safe. I think that's pretty heroic. Plus, he is in the Air Force Reserves; prepared to do whatever he needs to do for our country.
Then there's David. He is also Air Force Reserves. He is also prepared to do whatever he needs to to protect our country~and he is doing just that. I'm so proud of him and the contribution and sacrifice he is making for our sake and all who live in this great country. Come home safely David!

I'm so proud of these two! We love you both!


Shauna said...

Wow. Your post made me teary-eyed. Can you believe how grown up those boys are? It's amazing. They are my heroes, too. We are praying for David and his family especially right now. Thanks for sharing!

Heidi said...

Thank you for posting those pictures of the boys. It is so good to see them. We are praying for David and his safe return. How long will he be there? We love you. And all your fam.