Monday, January 28, 2008

A Prophet and Brothers

First of all, we wish to bid farewell to our beloved Prophet, Gordon B. Hinkley. I know that he was 97 when he passed away, but we are really going to miss him! Travis said that all he could think of was the people he is meeting with right now. His wife, other prophets...We will miss him, but are comforted to know that the church goes on and we have some wonderful leaders that will lead us on.
A bit lighter spot, I wanted to share this picture of Joseph and Connor this morning. Joseph has been reading lots to Fluffy our guinea pig. Today he decided to read to his baby brother. We got the book he's reading and the bunny rabbit from Kohl's. It's so great to not only see my son reading a book on his own, but wanting to read to his little brother!

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Shauna said...

Hey, I just had to tell you that my dear friend Joy (my neighbor in Texas) is moving to the Seattle area! That gives us TWO reasons to come visit Washington now!