Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grandma Peterson's Funeral

Here are pictures from Travis's Grandma Peterson's funeral. It was a really wonderful service that I know she would have been proud of. (although she would have not really liked all the fuss)
This is Travis's oldest sister Tracey and his mom. (Deone)

This is Grandma Peterson's brother-in-law, Lew Cook. He spoke from the heart and used no notes. It was very sweet. (just a side note, Lew is Quentin L. Cooks uncle)
This is Deone's cousin, Mike Cook. He conducted the service.
Pictures of people taken looking up at them while they are singing with their mouths wide open isn't very nice!!! ( sang the Hymn by Gordon B. Hinckley, "My Redeemer Lives"
Travis read the poem "Gone From My Sight" and then said some really nice things about his grandma. I didn't cry until he got up there!
She was buried at the Logan Cemetery. Yes, that is snow on the ground and camera!
I told you it was snowing. It was so cold, but it was 70 degrees the day before. Travis's dad dedicated the grave. This is one of Travis's favorite pictures from the entire trip.
Some goofy cousins! This is Olivia and Amelia, Jeff's daughters, and the oldest cousin Ryan, who belongs to Tracey. (he served a mission in Italy!)

After everything was over, the family was treated to a nice luncheon at the church building in Newton. We really appreciate all that Lee and Kathy's ward did for the family. Travis liked the ham.
So did the other boys.
I have tons more pictures, but like I said, I want to keep it fairly short or I will lose my audience. This is a very good summary of the events.

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