Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More from our Trip

We rented a white Chrysler Town & Country to hold all 7 of us on the trip. Connor thought he needed to drive it the entire time. Here we are at a rest stop by the tri-cities.

We had a really great drive from Seattle to Boise. The boys were as angelic as could be. We did not have a little tv or dvd player or anything. They were just super good! We slept in Boise, but after dropping the folks off at the hotel, we went back to Eagle to visit Grandma Margaret. (Mog!) We visited for a couple of hours, had strawberry shortcake and the boys each got a big old bear. (which they all sleep with now) Doesn't she look great?! The next morning we headed on down to Logan, UT! There was snow everywhere still. The mountains looked breathtaking as always. We met up with Travis's aunts and had lunch, got our hotel and then took the boys to the Logan cemetery to take pictures of Travis's relatives headstones and show Joseph the headstone of his great-grandfather and namesake. While at the cemetery, we found a very large headstone that was actually like a small bed with a little boy sleeping in it. It had the picture of the child by his name. He was 3. It was such a sweet, yet sobering tribute to this little boy. It brought tears to my eyes, but it tore Spencer apart. He burst into tears and was inconsolable, saying, "I just can't believe that little children can die!" Here is a picture of me trying to explain to him something that even I don't understand. I was able to take the opportunity to express how grateful I was that all three of my boys are healthy and with me. Spencer is now even more diligent about asking me if every food I serve him is healthy or not. Aren't kids amazing. He is such a sensitive little boy. That night we went to the teeny tiny (smaller than Aberdeen ID folks) town of Newton to have pizza at Travis's Aunt Kathy's. Travis has some really fun relatives. I really enjoy talking to all of them. After a while, the boys got restless, so Travis took them to the park down the street and I stayed and chatted with the family. A good time was had by all. This is Lee and Kathy. Travis's mom's sister. She's my moms age and a real hoot. She reminds me a lot of my mom. This is Deone's other sister, Joyce. She and Kathy are two crazy fun people when they come up to visit. I like Joyce cause she and I have the same taste in books! (o: This is Deone's brother, Richard. (and his wife) He is such a nice guy and I really enjoyed talking to him. We haven't seen him nearly as often as Joyce and Kathy, so it's nice to visit when we can. Travis says this picture looks like I'm being coy cause I just passed gas. Nice, eh? Or...is he right? (o;
Here are the park pictures. There were a few little boys (all brothers) that were at the park as well. Joseph had a blast playing with the ones about his age. For those who fear that my kids are going to be socially retarded because they are homeschooled should rest at ease. Joseph has no problems going up to kids, introducing himself, and then asking them in-depth questions about themselves. (He isn't afraid to do the same with adults.) Lastly, Joseph wanted to make sure that I included a picture of Kathy's cat. His name is Archibald but they call him "Itchyballs". He was really friendly and the boys had a blast playing with him.
(This concludes this round of photos. We took over 300 pictures for heaven's sake! I'll do the rest of the trip tomorrow. I just don't want to make this post too long and boring.)


Shauna said...

CUTE! I love all the pictures! Grandma Margaret does look great!

Godwin/Elmer Clan said...

Sound like everything thing went good on your trip. loved all the pictures. Can you send the one of you and grandma big please. thanks