Friday, April 25, 2008

Some Final Pictures from the Trip

Here are some final pictures from the trip. I'm going in reverse order because that's just the way the thing did the pictures. This first one is how Connor spent most of the ride home. We stayed the night in Twin Falls, ID and about half way home from Twin, Connor starting throwing up. We think he was actually homesick and also all the fast food and lack of moms great cooking contributed to his barfing episode. He looked pretty crappy for a few hours there.
This is at a rest stop not long before Connor got sick. We stopped a lot to let the boys look around, do a little exploring, and stretch their legs.
This picture is just to once again, prove that it was snowing on the day of the funeral! Plus I wanted to throw in a picture of Jeff (Travis's bro) and Olivia. Olivia says she reads all my blogs, so, HI OLIVIA!!!
Silly picture of Spencer!

Joseph has really started to give good happy faces for the camera.
We thought this was such a funny picture. Connor kept putting his foot onto Grandpa's leg, so Grandpa would pretend to unscrew Connor's foot and then put it back on. Big mistake, cause then Connor's foot was constantly there~it was just too cool what Grandpa could do!

This is at Grandma Margaret's house.

Again at Grandma's house. She served us strawberry shortcake! Yum!

This is Joseph and Fluffy (I swear he's in there) at the first hotel we stayed in. We think Fluffy enjoyed the trip.

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