Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Day After

Well, Joseph made out like a bandit on his birthday. He got everything he wanted plus more. He got his coveted lego car wash that he has wanted forever. He actually has been saving up for it, but Grandma Teese got it for him, so his money will be going towards accessories and vehicles, I'm sure. His other Grandma got him some lego cars to go with it. He also got lots of things for his baptism. He got a new suit, new shoes, scriptures and a handy scripture carrier, a baptism book and towel, and a new CTR ring. Oh, and he got a couple of new outfits too. Plus, he got a Nephi figure guy that replaced his old one that lost its head. Nephi is his favorite Book of Mormon Hero and he wants to be brave and strong like Nephi. So, that's what we got him.

Grandma and Grandpa Nelson came over and we had Little Caesar's pizza and chocolate cake and watched lots of college football. (BYU was quite the blowout and so was UW, except the UW got blown out) All in all it was a great day! Especially for mommy who spent 3 hours helping assemble all the lego stuff. (o:

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TaCalone said...

Wow Joseph, you did get a load of gifts. I love how your mom got your car wash all put together for you. She's an awesome Mom, (your dad is awesome too!) Glad you had a nice birthday and be sure and send me a picture of you in that suit! love you! Grandma Teese