Friday, September 19, 2008

George and Connor

Now, usually when you see the two words George and Connor together you think Curious George cause Connor worships that monkey, but today we have a different George. I was going though Travis's billions of books looking for a signed copy of a Brian Tracy book he needed and I stumbled upon this book... "When did we get this book?" I asked. "A couple of 4th of July's ago when I was feeling patriotic." was the response. (My husband is a bibliophile. He is addicted to books and the written word. He loves being surrounded with good books.) "Did you read it?" I ask. "I started it, but never finished it."
"Um, do you realize this is by Joseph Ellis? Why didn't you mention that you owned a book by Joseph Ellis when we were reading his other books?"
"I forgot I had it. But it was pretty good from what I remember."
See, several months ago, we bought and read Founding Brothers together. It was an absolutely fascinating book. I really liked Joseph Ellis's style of writing. Very intellectual, but was able to explain things in a way that I understood and could picture. So, I went to the library and got another one of his books, American Creation. Another excellent book. Of course I started right in on His Excellency this morning and it does not disappoint! As I was reading I just couldn't help but be extra grateful for this great country that we live in. It is so easy to see the hand of the Lord in the creation of this nation. I'm so blessed to have been born here. So, if you are looking for a great historical book to read, I highly recommend any books by Joseph Ellis. Sage, did you ever know him? I read that he taught at Mount Holyoke. Anyway, I was looking for a good book to fill the time before Brisingr comes out, and I found one. I was just excited.

On to the next topic. This was just something that I thought was really cute. Connor climbed into bed with me this morning after Travis went to work. He laid on his dad's side being very quiet for minute and then yelled, "The clock changed it's numbers!! What is that say Mommy?" I looked and he was pointing to the last two numbers. "Ten." I answered. And so it went. Every single minute that went by from 10-42 he asked me what number it was, or what was next or tried to guess what he saw. Of course he recognized his favorite number which is 3. He's a funny kid because he can count to 20 no problem, but doesn't recognize most numbers that he sees. We are working on it, and I feel this was a great lesson for him because he enjoyed it and asked me to tell him what the numbers were. It was pretty cute how excited he got at every number change. And he made sure that I kept my arm around him the entire time. It was a good little bonding/teaching moment with him, plus I got to lay in my comfy bed with my eyes closed for an extra 32 minutes.

I do believe that finding out what the baby is going to be and giving her a name has caused just a bit of don't know...I guess uncomfortable-ness? Connor wants to be snuggled more (he's always been a mama's boy), and the other two are more interested in spending time with me. I think they understand that my time will be taken away from them a bit when Elizabeth is born and so they are trying to grab up as much now as they can. Believe me, I'm not complaining! (o:

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Anonymous said...

I never had Ellis as a professor, but he is always one of the teacher/scholars that MHC brags about.