Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School's Here!

So, yesterday we had our first day of school. It was a resounding success. If you want to know more about the specifics of our day, go to But, I had to share some pretty cute pictures of the boys from the day.
Since they don't get to ride a bus or walk to school everyday, we decided for the first day that we would put on our backpacks and walk around the block so that they could say they "walked to school". Here we are on our way out the door.
Joseph~Mr. Second-grader.
Spencer-Mr. First-grader. I couldn't decide which picture to put up. The adorable one of him smiling at the camera with no teeth showing, or this one. That tooth has been gone for 4 years! He as at least another year before it is supposed to come in.
Connor the Preschool Man!
After the class time, we took Daddy and headed to a section of the Soos Creek Trail and walked it for a while, observing nature. The boys each got a leaf from the Large-leaf maple tree. I say they should be called the gigantic-leaf, but I guess large is okay.
And of course, Travis has this thing where if we are out with the family and the camera is handy, we must take a family photo. Much to my dismay. I got up early to have school ready and then taught school and didn't think much of, oh, I don't know, combing my hair, putting on make-up, wearing nicer clothes. You know, that kind of stuff that most normal people do when they go out with a camera and a photo happy husband. Oh well.
So, there you have it. Some pretty darn cute pictures of all my men. (and then me). That reminds me. I appreciate all the comments from friends and family that they are all "thinking pink" lately. I do believe my co-worker is going to explode before the 16th. She wants to plan a baby shower and can not wait to see if her "predictions" of me having a girl are correct. (she's 20 and not a mommy) (o: We will just have to wait and see.

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