Sunday, August 31, 2008

The WSU Game

Yesterday Travis was supposed to be going to a WSU game with some guys from church. (every year Washington State comes over to Seattle so that the alumni gets a chance to see them play
~that's why they were in Seattle) Our friend, Jim, was the ring leader in the whole thing. But, Friday night we get a call that Jim has thrown out his back and do we want his two tickets. Of course we grabbed them up! So, instead of Travis going with a bunch of guys, he went with two of his own little guys. He took Joseph and Spencer and they had a blast! It was a really great experience for the boys to be with their dad and go to Seahawk Stadium. Their only request was they wanted a hot dog. It cost $22 to buy 3 hot dogs and 2 drinks!!! But, it was worth it for them. So, here are a couple of pictures of them at the game. Oh, and the top picture is of them on one of the many pigs that we have all over Seattle. They are all painted differently. This one in front of Qwest Field is called, "the Pigskin"!!! Get it? I love it! (by the way~WSU got their butts kicked! Then later UW got their butts kicked. GOOO Washington football!~See why we love our Hawks?)

Now, if any of you are concerned about Connor feeling left out, don't. He and I had a great time. I was going to just stay home and work on the place and school stuff, but I felt bad that he might feel left out, so we went on an adventure. Or as Connor says, we went on a venture! He and I walked all over the neighborhood, then we went to Jack in the Box and had a little lunch and shared a fruit smoothie cause we had a free coupon (o: Then we went and watched some cars get washed at the Shell station car wash. After that we walked to Fred Meyer and rode the escalator up and down. We wandered the store for a while and spent about an hour in the toy aisles. A good portion of that time was spent by the two of us playing with the self inflating whoopee cushions. Connor laughed his head off every time we squeezed the cushion. He even declared that it sounded just like Daddy! It was awesome! Then we bought a candy bar for everyone and headed home. On our way home we picked up little pine cones for some future school project that has yet to be thought up. So, we had lots of fun, even if we didn't see a game.

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Sarah Lee said...

You are football fans too? I have to admit I love football but, I love going and getting the treats almost as much as watching the game. I think my kids are the same way :) Sounds like you guys had a very fun day!