Monday, August 11, 2008

Chicka Chicka Mania

I think this will be the last post that I do about this subject. The above picture is at the library when we checked out "Chicka Chicka 1 2 3". They were so excited to read it that they sat down and Joseph read it to them all. It was so cute and I was so glad I had my camera. Joseph has really been a life saver to me lately. It's so nice to ask him to please read his little brother a story when I have a million things going on and he gladly does it. I'm so proud of my boys!

The following video is of Connor this morning 'reading' "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" to himself. I can't believe he did it and let me film him. Right in the middle the stupid phone rang. It was the Republican National Comm. You can hear Travis announce that. (he didn't know I was filming) So, Connor got slightly distracted, but it is still the cutest thing ever. So, enjoy!


Katharine said...

Oh, my, God - TOOO CUTE!! Now I have baby lust again - I hope your happy!! ADORABLE!!!!

TaCalone said...

Connor I can't wait for you to read a story to me! That was so cute!
love you
Grandma Teese