Friday, August 29, 2008

Binoculars and Blogs

This week the boys took their summer reading lists in to the library and got their prizes. Their very own, very cool......binoculars. They have been using them to spy on the neighbors, the workers painting our building, bugs, and just about anything else they can. (yes, Joseph needs a haircut~they are all getting one tonite)

So, with the summer closing out and the boys earning their end of summer rewards, and my previous post stressing about school, I guess this means it's almost time for school. (o: I am almost ready. It's exciting now that I am more prepared. But, since I don't want to bore you all with the nitty gritty details of my homeschool life, I followed Shauna Jones (dang it!I typed Sorensen and had to backspace it. sorry Mike) advice and started my own homeschool blog. So, if you are ever interested in the specific details of school life, visit our new blog It's also in my list of blogs on the right side, so you can just click on that.

Okay, well, it's now time to go and break out the scissors. I have three pumpkin head boys with Grandma Teese sized bouffants waiting to be cut. (love ya mom!)

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