Friday, August 22, 2008


I decided to search google for a picture of Brown Bear Car Wash instead of going through my old pictures to find one. In search I typed "Brown Bear Car Wash" and got my google results. Here is the 4th picture on the page.

That would be Joseph. And it links to my blog! Then, under that are pictures of Travis from my Brown Bear blog writings from last winter! I told Joseph that he was famous. Now when anyone in the world searches images in Google for BB car wash his picture is right there! Sorry, I thought it was kinda cool. (o: (then again, I didn't get home from work until 4am and got up w/Connor at 6:30-so I'm a tad loopy)

Anyway, on to my story. Yesterday was a day off for Travis. We like to do things with the kids on the weekdays when he is off. Weekends we hang out at home more, but the weekdays we like to go out. I had said that maybe we could do something that didn't involve car washes this week since the people at the one in Seattle know us very well we go so often. (and we've actually only washed our car there once!~well, twice now, but I'm getting ahead of myself) Travis gets on the computer and is reading the papers when he pulls up the Seattle P.I. Right there on the first page is an announcement that Brown Bear is giving free car washes in all of their Seattle area locations all day in honor of their 50 birthday! Ok, we have to go and get a free car wash! So, we load the kids up and head out. We told Joseph that we would go to two car washes for a special treat! We did one in Kent and then headed over to Renton and tried out one that we've been eye-balling for a while. Then we thought, it's early in the day and we have to stop by the folks place to pick up forgotten sunglasses, why not try out the wash in Issaquah. Never been there before. So, we did just that. That would make #3. I look at Travis and say, "It doesn't seem right that we haven't gone to see Daniel yet."

This is Daniel. He's the wipe down guy at our favorite Brown Bear in Seattle. They have windows all along the car wash that we can go in and watch hours of cars being cleaned! The guys there have really gotten to know us. Joseph was ecstatic when we said we would go see if Daniel was working. When we got there and got in line, the guys all started pointing to us and saying, "Hey! Family!" It was cool. And Daniel did wipe down our car. He is the only one that got a tip. (they weren't accepting tips at any of the locations, but we couldn't not give our Daniel a little something something.) (o: (this is wash #4)

Finally, we decided to head home since I had to go to work. We had been out cruising for 4 hours by this time and our car was sparkling. But wait! There's the Brown Bear across from Sams Club on our way home. We just have to go to that one too. They were giving out free bear fresheners!

I mean, come on~free bear fresheners to make the whole house smell fabulous!! We gotta go get some! (I have a lovely little tree in my car that has a very non-obnoxious smell. The bears are obnoxious and aren't allowed in the car anymore, so they are in the boys rooms now) Needless to say we went through car wash #5!!!! I don't know anyone else in the world that has had their car washed 5 times in one day, but it was a huge thrill for the boys and Travis and I actually had fun too. We learned that not all BB's are created equal. The one in Issaquah is really long, the one in Seattle uses more soap. The thing we did find, though, is that there isn't a mean or rotten worker at any of the BB's. They are all really nice.

So, that was our Thursday adventure with good old Brown Bear Car Wash. And in case you were wondering, BB's are locally owned in the Northwest by a family who is probably very very rich by now. I know you are all really jealous of our family and probably pretty jealous of our little old car that is now very very clean. ~on the outside. (o:

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Jen Bailey said...

I really got a kick out of this post. What a fun day for all of you. Hope you're feeling well.