Monday, August 18, 2008


I had to laugh about the comments I got from my anniversary post. I am getting older and some days I feel it, and some days I feel just as young as I did 14 years ago. Dear Katharine commented that my dress was stunning. I have to agree that it was a beautiful dress. The young girls at work that saw my wedding photo said something to the effect of, "Look at those huge poofy sleeves!" And, "That dress is very 80's." Excuse me~1994! At least I didn't have the big poofy bangs that I was sporting just a year or so before. Of course these girls that I work with at work were also born in 1990!!! Hello~I was half way through high school then and my husband graduated that year! So, yes, I am feeling older. But, I also feel a bit wiser. I've been through a lot in the past 14 years. Good and not so good. Still experiencing new things every day. I can't imagine what my life would be like right now if I hadn't met and married Travis. I told him yesterday I don't think I have ever been bored when I'm with him. We are two peas in a pod.

So, yes, we are definitely aging but my mom will always be older than me. (o; And yes, I did have a big poofy dress, but I love it. (I'll never be one of those women who sell their wedding gown on e-bay!) Oh, and by the way. Saturday we didn't go out because Connor threw up all day with his mystery puking that he does for no reason. So, after church we totally broke the Sabbath (sorry Dad) and dumped the kids at Grandma's and went to Jimmy Mac's for our annual date. (seriously, we go on maybe 2 dates a year) It was great fun and after an hour we both wanted to go home because we missed our stinking kids too much! We are a sad couple of people. (o:

Thanks to all the well wishers and everyone have a super duper week!


Katharine said...

I didn't get married until I was 31 and let me tell you, I tried on every poofy and big dress I could find. But sadly, at my age - it was not a look that worked for me. Plus our wedding was small, 16 people small, so a huge dress and train was out of the question. However, I told Jeff that I want to renew our vows in Vegas when we hit the 10 year mark and you better believe I will be wearing an ENORMOUS poofy dress at that time. Oh yeah, Viva Las Vegas!

Godwin/Elmer Clan said...

I got a comment today the ytolled me I had very pretty eyes and she loved my hair. Can you belive th at someone like my hair.
Well not every comments made are bad.

TaCalone said...

well, I have to say you were the prettiest girl in the world in those "not so poofy" sleeved wedding dress.

Anonymous said...

wow--does time fly!
good to see those wedding pics again.