Friday, February 17, 2012


Anyone that knows me well, knows that I am disorganized and very messy. Dad says I'm the biggest pack rat he knows...and he's kind of right...because he knows all 6 of us Nelson's...and combined....we make the biggest pack rat on the planet. Well, no, scratch that. It's not bad enough that you will see us on the TLC channel any time soon...but still....
Anyway! I have started to notice that our kids are spending way too much time on the computers and not enough time doing chores, studying and just playing outside. So, I came up with some fun ideas and charts that we have started to use to help remind us what needs to be done and also help keep things like screen time limited. The kids helped make a lot of it, and so far it's working for us.

Here  we go...
 This is an extremely simple daily checklist. And if you look closely, you will see that there are only 5 days. Weekends are more lax...we are just starting out...I figure we can build on our successes as they come. I followed everyone else in the crafty universe and used a picture frame as a dry erase type thing. Each chore completed counts as 5 minutes toward computer time. This is why it is hung next to the Computer Time chart...which is....
 This! The kids helped with this so there are some things that are kind of crooked, but that's okay. I like it. I got a cookie sheet for 96cents at Walmart. The kids have a base amount of 60 minutes a day. (15 minutes of which must be used on an educational website). They can earn up to 2 hours...which sounds like a lot, but compared to what they have been doing's nothin!
 This 96cent pie pan holds all of the extra minute magnets. Spencer spent a chunk of time helping me mod podge (the homemade kind..thank you Pinterest!) the numbers onto the rocks. Connor helped me hot glue the magnets on. I got the rocks at DollarTree and the magnets at Walmart. I think this whole project cost me about $7. Steal of a deal for something that is really working well.
 This is in the hallway right next to the bathroom and the kitchen. They see it a lot and has helped remind them what they need to do. Bedtime has been easier, they are getting more fresh air and exercise and they are participating in other things besides just sitting in front of a screen.
 Joseph has a lot of trouble with "doing" school every day. He asks how much more we have to do about five minutes after we start. I've tried writing down what we are going to do each day, but sometimes I came up with this chart. He's 11 and should be able to work on his own...but he won't..and I'm not sure he can at this time...we're working on it. For now though, this has been a life saver. I let him check off each thing as we accomplish them. We don't do every single thing each day, we mix it up to give variety. He doesn't whine nearly as much now. Phew!
I REALLY love magnets. I have a shoe box sized container of all kinds of pictures that I have cut out and put magnets on for Elizabeth to play with. I put magnets on the back of all our Scrabble letters and we use them for school. I just love magnets! So...I let each child, including Lizbet...make their own magnet the other day. (they are holding up the chart above) They want to do more...they love magnets too. Who the heck doesn't??? Seriously! This is a close up of Spencer's. He loves Club Penguin. Isn't that cute?

Anyway! Sheesh...I talk a lot. But...this is one of those times that I am proud of the ideas I came up with (thanks to prayers of inspiration being answered)...and they are far.

the end....

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