Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prayer Rocks

First of all...the magnet chart and the school chart the I wrote about in the previous post...are TOTALLY AWESOMMMMEE! They are really working. For now. Cause I know that novelty tends to wear off of things. But, until then...woot woot!

Okay...on to the next. (which totally reminds me of Ghost Hunters and how sad I am Grant is leaving...but that is another post!) Focus! For our art project last week, we gathered rocks, bought paint in colors of their choice, and painted prayer rocks. (and in case anyone out there in the world is saying..painting a rock is considered art?...don't worry your pretty little heads...they painted many other things after the rocks...but the rocks are our main objective here)
 Joseph chose green...shock!
 Spencer chose blue...another shock!
 Connor This was actually a surprise. He informed me that it was supposed to be red! And that this week his favorite color was red! His mistake...he only looked at the dot on top of the looked red...not watermelon pink. But Connor is the coolest cat in town and refused to let that stand in his way of painting an awesome prayer rock. 
 Elizabeth got shimmery purple...cause if it doesn't's not worthy of this princess!
They turned out very nice, I do believe. I love that Spencer used his manners and included please. I want the kids to have the habit of saying their prayers without me having to constantly remind them. Between the chart and the rocks and an occasional reminder from is going well.

I made a little pink and purple tutu for Elizabeth, but I couldn't get a good enough picture of her. She puts it on and refuses to hold still. It's okay though. It was my first could have been better. I'll post a picture of the next one. Actually, it's not a's a pwetty pwincess! Get it right! *smile*

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