Thursday, March 8, 2012


We have done a couple more science experiments...
This one is called Corny Goo...
 The ingredients
 Corn meal...
 and water.
 Mix...mix...mix...but it won't stay together!
 For reals. They both tried. 
 Then documented their findings. It was fun!
 Joseph got a couple of model cars. I helped him build this one. It's a Dodge Challenger. We went and let him pick out his own model car paint. He picked GREEN!! 
 Lizbet wanted to help I got out the water colors and she made her own masterpieces.

 For science a different day, we walked around our neighborhood. We saw several deer...
A Downy Woodpecker (see him on the tree?)
  And a lot of mallard ducks.  I couldn't get a good picture of them, but that's what we were watching here. Down in the little swampy pond.
 The ducks flew away all at once...Lizbet liked that part.
 Then we fed the neighborhood dogs. We bought milkbones and take them with us on our walks. These poor dogs are olllld...but very friendly.
Oh, but the old, friendly dogs tend to wander the neighborhood...and poop where they want. Joseph and Connor get pooper scooper duty a lot. Joseph got fed up. This is on the bush in front of our yard.

So...there are a few things that we have been up to. We are going to finally go and get library cards today...and show off my shiny clean van...compliments of Connor and Joseph car wash. (yep...they wash cars in 45 degree weather!) 


mrs. olson said...

I love your hands-on-mom ways!!

Poon Family said...

That sign is awesome!