Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Today I took the boys over to the library and we picked up all the information and charts we need for the summer reading program. This years theme is "Get a Clue" and it has a cute little dog dressed as a detective. Some of the books that they are promoting are the I Spy books which totally thrilled Spencer because he loves those books. Each boy got their own little booklet thing (even Connor) and their names have been entered into the computer. We got a schedule of events for our library as well. There are some really cool things going on this summer, but a lot of them have age restrictions, so we will have to chose dates when Travis can watch Connor.

It's so great that there are programs like this to help get kids excited about reading and also to keep kids interested in books during summertime. We aren't really having an "official" summer with schooling, because we have been so informal this year. We will have a "formal" beginning in the fall, but we are just kind of continuing on throughout the summer with what we have been doing all year. Joseph actually learns better when he doesn't know he is learning. As soon as we sit down to do formal learning, he begins the yawning and the whining...The older he gets the more structured we will be, but for Kindergarten, we've just had fun!

Anyway, in the booklet, they get to color in a square for every 20 minutes that they read or are read to. They get a prize from the library at the half way mark, which is 500 minutes, and then another prize when they complete 1,000 minutes. Tonight we settled on my bed like we do every night and read stories, only Joseph was much more determined to do the reading himself and then when we were all finished, we had to color in that square. It was all very exciting!

Tomorrow we are going to bake cookies and take them to Kohl's for all of Travis's co-workers. I made a small batch and sent them with him the other day and got in trouble for not sending enough, so tomorrow we are going to do a seriously large batch and take them over. The boys love baking cookies and visiting their dad, so tomorrow looks like a very promising day!

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