Friday, June 8, 2007

Joseph's Fashion Statement

Have you ever seen "The Big Comfy Couch"? There's a clown named Major Bedhead in it. He wears a bike helmet and his hair's always sticking out of it. OR even better and more in our minds...have you ever seen the movie "Benchwarmers"? You know Jon Heder's character~the one that always wears the bike helmet and he's not quite all there in the head? (here's a picture of him) (If you haven't seen Benchwarmers-yes, he is Napoleon Dynamite)
Well, check this out! Yesterday we went for a drive over to Ballard (by Seattle) to drive across the Ballard bridge for our bridge boy-Spencer (and also so I could see if any of the boats from my favorite show were there~Deadliest Catch on the Discovery channel~). Joseph insisted on wearing his helmet...all day. Why you ask? Great question! We asked him the same thing. He said to keep his head protected. Protected from what? Anything that might hit it. GREAT! Here he is...

Now, we think he's pretty cute and if he wants to wear a bike helmet everywhere that's fine with us. Give him his fashion freedoms. But while we were in Ballard, we got stuck in traffic. Joseph had his window rolled down and was sticking his head out the window. We had people waving, honking, and getting a good chuckle out of our crazy little kid. He of course hammed it up perfectly. He waved back and yelled "AFLAC!" to anyone who laughed.

One day in the far future, he is going to see this and hate my guts for it, but for now, we think it's pretty funny!

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