Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Perfect Tree!

This weekend we decided to get our tree. We do fresh ones, so we like to wait until the middle of the month for them. I think because of our schedules this year we waited a few days longer than normal, but nobody seemed to notice too much. (o: Usually we all go as a family to Carpinto Brother's and pick out our tree. This year I told Travis to just go over to the closest store and bring one home. He took Joseph. They ended up going to the little nursery down the street. They grabbed a tree that was all folded up and wrapped in twine. Kinda took a gamble on what it would look like, but it was easy to transport. Just threw the thing in the trunk. We paid about $15 less than if we would have gone to Carpintos too. He "unfolded" it and this is what we found.

It is a beautiful tree! We had to trim some off the bottom as you can see, but it is the freshest tree we have ever gotten. The whole place smells wonderful!
I took this after shot yesterday morning and of course the sun had to be out. The one day in the month that the sun decided to make an appearance I tried to take a picture. But you can still see the perfect form of the tree. We were very proud and impressed with our "gamble" tree and have decided that this is the way to go every year.

Lastly, Travis was goofing around with the camera while we were decorating. He has discovered the macro setting, so he was taking macro shots of all of us. (this is why he's not in any pictures) I have to include them cause I think they are kinda funny. The dirty faces of the boys and the nice pimple face of Dawnie. (o: We think Connors turned out the best. It's what I think Travis was trying to get with them all. Spencer, of course, moved and was acting goofy.

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