Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007

Christmas was a good day for the Nelson Family. Here are a few pictures of Christmas morning. I made them small because there are so many. I hope you can all see them well enough. Captions below each picture.

This was a couple of days before Christmas, but very festive looking. They were sitting by the tree and fire eating a giant bucket of Christmas popcorn. Life is good!

This is after Santa came and before the boys got up.
Connor was very happy with his ten billion helicopters and airplanes that he got.
Travis got a mini weather station from Santa. It's now 35 degrees outside, 69 inside and there is 47% humidity in the house. (o:
Joseph was thrilled with every single thing he got. He kept saying everything was the best!
Spencer was a bit sleepy still but quickly woke up once the presents started coming his way.
Connor and his "hairplanes" and "airacopters".
"Lovely in the morning" mommy got a snow globe with "Our Princess Dawn" engraved on the front. Thanks mom and dad! (so it's now official and engraved~I am a princess!)Here they are with their Thomas train carnival track thingy in the box....
Here they are after is was put together.
Joseph wanted to wear a tie for Christmas dinner, but he also wanted to wear the cool new clothes he got, so he did both!

You can't really see it, but it is snowing in this picture. First time in over 30 years that it snowed on Christmas day in Seattle. It came down for a couple of hours and then went away, but it really made our day!

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