Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Secrets and Pizza

Travis and I have been reading a book together just for the fun of it. He reads to me on the couch in the evenings. It's a nice bonding time and we've both learned a lot. Not only about the subject, but the guy who wrote the book has an incredible vocabulary and we've actually had to keep the dictionary close by. It's called "Secret Societies" by John Lawrence Reynolds. It discusses in tremendous detail the histories of certain "secret" societies. How they originated and what they are really about. Some of the societies are the Assassins, Templars & /Freemasons, Druids & Gnostics, Kabbalah, The Mafia, Wicca. It's been a really interesting book and we have learned a lot of history of the world. The best part though to me is the fact that we are taking the time to read to it together & discuss something besides Kohl's. (o:

In other news, I took the boys to Pizza Hut the other day. All by myself to a sit down eating place. They were very good. I signed our 'school'~the Nelson Boys Academy~up for Pizza Huts reading program, Book It! They sent me charts and coupons and so once the boys read a certain amount of books that I allot, they get a coupon for a free personal pan pizza. We went during lunch time. They have a lunch buffet so I got the buffet, Connor eats free, and the other two had their pizzas. We walked out pretty stuffed~all for $8! It was a lot of fun.They told each other knock knock jokes while they waited for their pizza and we discussed the holidays and had a really great time. Now they are asking what they can read to earn their next pizza.

So, that is about all for now. We are going to make "gingerbread" (graham cracker) houses tomorrow and start working on their Christmas cards. They are insisting on making some of their own this year.

One last thing. Everyone who can, please pray for my brother David and his family. He leaves for Iraq next month. He will be gone for I believe about 5 months. He, they, could use the prayers starting now because the mentally preparing is just as hard as the actual going. He will be leaving his wife and 4 little ones behind, but we know that he will be back in no time. Thanks!

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