Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas and the flu...

So...Christmas was a success in that everyone got what they wanted. However...it also found Spencer, Elizabeth, and myself all very sick. Spencer opened presents and then went to bed. I managed to get the ham and potatoes cooked and set out before I crashed. We still feel yucky today, but are on the mend. Now I'm waiting for Joseph, Connor, and Travis to get it. It seems to hit hard and leave quickly.
I managed to get a couple of pictures...
Connor was so excited it took him two Melatonin to get to sleep.

Can you tell she had a fever?
Can you tell he had a fever too?
This boy got TONS of toilet parts this year.
This boy got TONS of Monster Jam and Duck Dynasty.
Little Miss got her chipmunk and that was all she really cared about.
"Awesome! A new cover for my iPad...now can I go back to bed?" He seriously didn't open all of his presents until later that night...he was that sick. Poor kid.

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