Monday, January 19, 2015

December fun

I'm finally done with classes! I got one A and two Bs. Phew! Now the fun can start!
Actually it has already started. We've had our party at the church, party at the funeral home, and we got our tree yesterday. Good old Swain's always has awesome trees. We buy them wrapped up and don't know what they will look like until we get them home. Then we have a "Griswold" tree reveal when Travis cuts the strings. Haha This years tree is huge and we LOVE it! I loved watching the kids so enthusiastically decorate it. Travis and I are so blessed.

I will include a few pictures. Jingle Mouse has been busy as well, but I think the  pictures of our cute kids trump Jingle reports. Haha!

I got to help decorate for the Christmas party this year. This was so fun to put together.
Even daddy wore a Santa hat. Cute!
These were all at the church party. It was a fun and yummy dinner.

This Santa was the next day at Travis's work...Sequim Valley Funeral Home chapel.
This Santa was at Swain's. They took a professional picture, but I snapped one as well.

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