Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Temple trip and other fun things

Travis and I were asked to chaperone the youth temple trip this past weekend. We decided that since it's just a few days before Christmas we could go over a day early and stay a night at Travis's parents so that the kids could give grandma and grandpa their Christmas presents. It was a fun little trip. When we got to the Temple it was crazy busy. The Bishop told us they had more than they needed as far as adults so he sent Travis and I off to do a session together. We haven't been through the Temple together for 15 years. Crazy! We went twice a month before we had kids, but since the kids, we have gone separately. This was so special and a great experience. Plus, the session we went to was a Spanish session. Haha. What an experience. All us gringo's used head phones to hear the English words. My favorite part was seeing Travis smiling at me in the Celestial room at the end. He makes me crazy sometimes, but I sure do love him.
After the Temple trip we went to Old Country Buffet with all the other people from the ward and the boys ate their fill. Then we went back to grandma's, packed up and took the ferry home.

We would have stayed longer, but today we had the Christmas program in church that Connor and Elizabeth sang in and then the Christmas lesson in primary. I combined classes with the class above me, so I got to be with Elizabeth as she reenacted the Christmas story. She was Mary and adorable.
Now I am scrambling to get things ready for Christmas day. The kids are so excited...I'm tired already. Haha
They really were having fun...I caught Joseph mid blink I think.
Some of the people that came. The bald guy on the right is our Bishop...the semi bald guy on the left is his brother. Some of the kindest people you will ever meet. 
Ferry ride home! Woot!
Ack...blurry but still adorable.
We didn't even change out of our church clothes to go home. Spencer loves dressing up anyway.
Cutest Nativity in the Universe!

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