Thursday, January 22, 2015

Monster Jam

Since he was born, Joseph has loved Monster Trucks. He knows everything about them and their drivers. So, every year for the past 5 years, we buy Monster Jam tickets for Joseph. They come to Tacoma every January. Some years they are cheap nose bleed seats, some years they are front and center...All depending on our budget..But every year is declared "epic" by our boy. This year they got middle ground seats but Joseph declared them the best of all because they were by an exit and he got some up close and personal views is some of the trucks.

Last year Travis, Joseph, and Connor took our good friend, Jason, with them. They took him again this year, but with the addition of Jason's 9 year old daughter. Everyone had so much fun. Joseph was thrilled to meet Ryan Anderson, son of famous Dennis Anderson. They also got to meet announcer Scott Heaton. Travis has admired Scott for years. When he met the boys he signed Joseph's autograph book and then, (Travis jokingly requested this), he got out his microphone and announced to the entire Dome that Joseph and Connor are Washington states biggest Monster Jam fans! So cool. Also, just as the show was starting, they were looking for judges in the audience. Scott the announcer, with his microphone, saw our boys and said, "There are my buddies Connor and Joseph in the stands." He remembered them! It was such a cool moment for my boys. Especially for Joseph, who is 14 and wanting to be noticed and accepted like teens tend to do.

While those guys were gone, Spencer, Elizabeth, and I spent the day reading books and watching Doctor Who. I took Spencer on a date the night before and bought he and his sister some art supplies and treats. He is not a truck, dirt, noise fan. He is more like me and enjoys intellectual things and nerdy science space shows.

All in all it was a great day and we all had tons of fun and made good memories with our children. Sometimes life can be really hard and days like this one can really be a balm for our hearts and a lift to our spirits.
My cute date!
Spencer eating Ramen and watching Doctor Who
The girls
Connor and Joseph with Ryan Anderson!!!!!
Oh my's Scott Heaton! I don't know how often he gets fans like the Nelsons
That's a good looking bunch of dudes.
He got a butterfly balloon. 
Son-uva-Digger (which is fitting...cause Grave Digger driver Dennis Anderson's son, Ryan, drives this)

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