Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Back!

Travis had the week off last week and so between the boys and Travis, I didn't get much screen time. Really, that's okay. I don't need much, but there are a few items of business that I would like to take care this blog. (o:

So, last week I did a final cleaning of Connor's/Elizabeths room. I decorated the walls and cleaned out the closet etc. It's all ready to go. I also got the bassinet ready in my room. She now has a place to sleep. It seems like the more I try to clean, the more mess the boys try to make, but I'm slowly getting things in order. I know that I still have a bit longer before she is officially due, but my doctor said that after the 19th, she is welcome to come. That's in a week. At the end of this week, people will be seeing a lot of me walking down the streets, through the mall, around Kohl's etc. Anything that I can do to encourage her to join us here on the outside, I will be doing. All this pink and purple laying around is killing me! I actually smeared Connor with her new baby lotion just so I could smell it. I'm even excited about the delivery! I just want to be done with the pregnancy and start snuggling with my new little person that I am already in love with!

Anyway, we also did a few things as a family. We had some pretty torrential rains last week and some serious flooding around Washington. (we live on a hill, so no worries for us) We took the boys to Renton to see the Cedar River run. The library is actually built over the river, so we watched it rage under the building. Pretty amazing. While doing this, Travis snapped pictures of me and my belly, so I will post those for anyone who doesn't have Facebook and didn't already see them. (nice guy, eh? Hello world! See my gigantic belly?) We went to my in-laws and took the Christmas lights off of their house for them and visited for a while. We took 2 drives into Seattle and visited our old friends at the Brown Bear Car Wash. On Saturday, I went to a surprise baby shower for Elizabeth at Kohl's. We have some pretty nice co-workers/friends there. Between the shower and my mom's "shower" package she sent, Elizabeth will be one well dressed baby. (Kohl's baby)

There are other things to report, but I don't want to let this get too long. We will keep you posted on the goings on of our home, mainly on the baby front. I need to give Travis the password and stuff so he can immediately post baby pics and info when she does decide to make her debut.


Shauna said...

I love the belly pictures. And I LOVE your hair. It's so beautiful. I can't wait for you to get to hold your baby girl! Take lots of pictures for those of us far away. I'm still trying to talk Mike into a Seattle trip this summer...we'll see if it works.

Rachael said...

You look so cute! I'm excited for you!!! I'm glad you got some good side profile big pregnant shots. You may not like them now but you will later, as I'm sure you've learned a time or two already.