Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Quick Post

Just a quick post. No baby yet, of course, but getting really really close! We had a good New Years. Travis's parents came and spent the night like they have done for, I don't know, I think the past 10 years. We ate lots and watched movies and it was lots of fun.

Travis has the week off of work, so I am using him to help out with the cleaning of the place and preparing for baby. Connor and I have had a really horrible cold. I lost my voice for a week, but am beginning to feel better. Connor is taking a little longer to recover, but I am starting to see his old self reappearing.

That's about it. Whenever Travis is home, I don't get to the computer much. He's either on it, or the boys are, so this will have to do as my news for the week. (o:

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