Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Even though we are waiting for baby sister to arrive, we have business that we have to We are learning a bit about the human body. We've discussed germs and anti-bodies and how to fight germs. (which we are losing miserably right now since everyone is sick) We also are discussing bones and the skeleton. Each boy put together their own mini skeleton picture and then we did a big one together. They also did a couple of worksheets on the purposes of the bones. Here are a couple of pictures of their work.

It's good that I have the boys home with me all day. I would be going crazy if I didn't have them to take care of. I'm so blessed to have these little boys. They are so kind, loving, and smart. They are so much fun! I'm very excited to add a female to the mix and see what happens. (o:We will have to change the name of our school though. Don't know what to yet, but Nelson Boys Academy won't work much longer.

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Karen Howell said...

Good luck with the induction tomorrow! I'm a huge fan of being induced (I've been induced with all 5 of my kids). You can plan ahead for someone to watch your kids, you get a nice stress-free drive to the hospital with your husband, you can take your time getting checked in and comfortable with your hospital's just great. I'm happy you are finally getting a girl--they definitely bring an extra sweetness to the atmosphere of a home.