Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wall-e and Pink Stuff

The other day the boys collected all the boxes they could find and made Wall-e robots. Well, Joseph made them, the other two assisted. They never cease to amaze me with their creativity. They were playing some sort of game show with the robots the other night. Joseph and Spencer were asking the robots vocabulary word questions and then helping them answer. It was pretty cute. So, below are some pictures of the "robots" that have taken over part of our home.

The other pictures are what has really taken over our home. Pink stuff! Some friends at Kohl's threw me a little surprise shower on Saturday. It was lots of fun and was actually at Kohl's. They had a great big cake, so whenever anyone came in the break room, I would tell them they had to eat baby cake, even if they didn't bring me a present. (o: So, for my moms sake I am including pictures of all the loot I got from all those wonderful people. Also, I included a picture of Elizabeth's bed. I put it together the other day. I've become completely obsessed with this baby and feel like she will never arrive and join our family. It also scares me just a little because it all seems too good to be true that we are going to have her in our family. How did I get so lucky?

Anyway, here are the photos. Enjoy!
Elizabeth's bed. This is just a portable crib/bassinet that will be in our room for a couple of months. I always like to keep my babies very close (usually ending up sleeping with me instead of beside me) for about 4 months. Then I move them to the big crib. I haven't gotten the big crib yet, so when I do, I will be sure to post pictures of that because my mom bought the sweetest bed set ever to go in it. P.S. ~That love seat that is behind the bed...that would be where I sleep every night cause I can't sleep laying down anymore. I'll be so happy to rejoin Travis in our "real" bed after she arrives.
Here is closeup #1 of the stuff I got from the shower. Notice the adorable Little Sister shirt on the left?
Closeup #2.
The wide shot. Are we not just so lucky? Then, to top it all off, yesterday I got a big old box of stuff from my mom too. She's gonna be the best dressed baby ever! Thank you to EVERYONE!!!
Here are all the "robots" lined up. We have Wall-e, M.O., Go-4, and EVE.
Here is Wall-e. He's my favorite. You can't really see it, but at the bottom he colored a brown rectangle, then cut it out on 3 sides, so his front can open up to put garbage in. So cute!
So, Connor wanted to play with all of the robots, but can be a bit destructive. Joseph decided to make Connor his very own robot to ensure the safety of his own. He built a Burn-e for Connor. (have you seen the bonus show about Burn-e, the repair robot on the dvd?) Connor loves his very own robot. So much so, that when I went in to put the clean sheets on Connor's bed the other night, this is what I found. And when Connor saw me turn on the light and go in his room, he gave me a good talking to about waking up his Burn-e. As you can see, Burn-e takes up a good portion of Connors bed, but the kid insists on sleeping with it each night. I think that's pretty cute!
This concludes my photo show for the day. (o:

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TaCalone said...

Wow you did get a lot of wonderful things for Elizabeth! She will look beautiful in all her fancy duds! So excited to see her!
love you most