Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A funny little story

Just a quick little story. It's about Connor, which should come as no surprise because that kid is so active that I could tell stories about him all day. My other two boys are wonderful children that generally play nicely with each other and do a pretty good job at staying out of trouble. Connor, on the other hand, lives for finding trouble. He is not a malicious child and doesn't mean to do naughty things, it's just his nature.

Well, this story is actually not a naughty story. (although it does contain nudity) Connor is very observant. He especially loves watching his father. The other night, he and Spencer were playing some sort of game "using their imaginations" as Spencer put it. They were in the main bathroom. I went to check on them because I could hear Spencer laughing and Connor talking and I was curious. I go in there and don't see Connor right away. Then I hear him making a pretend water sound in the shower. I look down on the floor and see all of Connor's clothes. "What are you guys doing?" I ask Spencer.
"Connor is pretending to be Daddy. I'm just keeping him company while he pretends."
"Oh, what are you pretending Connor?"
Connor then peeks out behind the shower curtain and says, "I'm being Daddy and I have to get ready for work to make money for the family!" Then he shuts the curtain and continues making water sounds.
I ran and got Travis to come see. We peek in and there is Connor, naked, scrubbing his back with his dads back brush, having a ball. Then he climbs out and starts drying himself off with his dads towel. All the while telling us that he really needs to get going to work. I asked him if he worked at Kohl's too, just like Daddy, and he looked at me like I was crazy.
"No! Mommy, I work at McDonald's, remember?!"
"Oh, sorry. My mistake. How could I forget."
He got himself dressed, got his toy truck and pretended to go off to work. He took Spencer with him. I don't know if this sounds as cute as it really was. Seeing him mimic his dad and having the desire to "earn money for the family" was just so sweet. He was soooo super serious the entire time too.

Anyway, I thought it was cute. And it was nice that he wasn't doing anything that would ruin anything. Last week he peed in his desk cause "it was a silly thing to do", and then he colored the entire bottoms of his feet purple and walked all over the house before they dried, so I had to clean purple footprints out of the carpet. He's a turkey! But he has a huge love for life and his family and he's dang cute so I think I'll keep him...for now. (o:


Shauna said...

CUTE! That kid will keep you on your toes! :)

MackSlackers said...

We should all have one like Connor! :)